An Indulgent Treat In Luxury!
Award Winning Chocolatier!
Proud participant of the 2010 Tony Awards!
Proud Participant of the 2010 Emmy Awards!
What sets us apart from other chocolatiers is the quality of ingredients and the level of integrity that goes into our gourmet candies!  We use only sweet cream butter, pure Tahitian vanilla and the highest quality chocolates.  We also hand roast all of the nuts.  An indulgent treat in luxury!
Our passion is making gourmet candy for you that you will love! 
We have had the privilege to participate in many community events such as the Oregon Chocolate Festival, Art in Bloom, Taste of History, Pear Blossom and World of Wine Festival, Britt Festivals Hospitality Tent, Rogue Creamery's Oregon Cheese Festival ~ just to name a few. 
It pleases us to be invited by many of our local, award winning wineries for their special events.
We will never serve a product that is not exceptional!
Please call or kindly email us at:
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